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Shiny Plastics

Is it just me or does anyone else really dislike the over-detailed look, with shiny tyre dressing and plastic restorer making all the trim just look greasy?

Car showrooms, 2nd hand dealers, the hand car wash and car valeters and of course the Instagram wannabe driveway detailers. I know getting the blacks black is always a hot topic and ongoing battle but I'm just not feeling all this dressing and product application.

Saying that my car is a shambles, hasn't had any attention since I SORNed it in March due to Covid, I can't wait to drive it again and I know with that will come the inclination to spruce it up but I still just want to get the right level of sheen.

Re: Shiny Plastics

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When we bought the new family wagon, first thing I done was take it home and clean all the fake shiny finishes and give it a wash, clay bar and polish.

If you want detailed detailing...
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Re: Shiny Plastics

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Said it else where... for an old car my preference is the 'oiled, but not oily' look. Think well cared for antique shot gun.

An extreme example is the owners of old agricultural machinery. They don't re paint anything, just clean and then rub with an oily rag. Some of the classic tractors I've seen at shows are basically now back to their bare metal and rusted, but the look when wiped over is amazing.

A new car is something else... I'd certainly be keeping it fresh, but like you say it's very easy to over dress things. If it's a dealers vehicle, my first reaction is - what are they trying to hide?

It should be like my make-up, when done right you won't notice I'm wearing any.