Hi here is my mk2 golf, 1988 3 door oaky. 1 in 10 million.

I bought the car just over 3 years ago. I’ve always loved and owned mk2’s. I bought this totally out of the blue. It popped up for a very good price and had to have it. It was originally a 16v but with the engine on its way out and the gearbox in need of replacing I decided to swap it out for a 20v turbo engine from a seat Leon Cupra.

The car is totally stock on the exterior apart from grill, heckblende and smoked lights all round. The wheels are bbs rs. 7+8 X 16 with champagne gold centres. Light tint in the Windows. Private plate reading oaky.

It’s taken a few years to get to where it is. The aim was to make a mk2 turbo but to look stock as if it came with the engine from the factory. 

It’s now all complete running at 220bhp

Hydro clutch. Mk3 gearbox. G60 mounts/brackets. Inter cooler , dump valve, lightened and balanced flywheel with vr6 clutch. G60 pedal box. Dbw accelerator and stainless exhaust with custom down pipe and re map.

In the future I intend on keeping the car. I’m totally in love with it. Would like to change the standard but mint interior for recaro interior and upgrade the coilovers.