Hi, this is my Jetta coupe. I bought the car after a bad spell of previous cars, I’ve always been torn between a Jetta coupe and a Mk1 Caddy but the Jetta always wins in my eyes, it just seems to be the best all rounder. I don’t know a lot about the car to be honest in its previous life.

Not built for the British public these cars had to be brought in overseas, although people say a very select few were originally rhd.

Under the bonnet features the magical 6 pot we all love, taken from a Mk3 Golf. The head has been ported and polished, air filter, 6 branch manifold straight through to a twin exhaust and a smoothed engine bay and wire tuck. The car came on airlift performance v2 management which I upgraded to 3p shortly after buying.

BBS rc041s 17×7.5 were face-mounted which I’ll be shortly changing as these were already on the car and I have some special wheels to go on. This is my 10th VW and 2nd coupe and has to say it’s the best car I’ve driven. I’ll be at all the shows for 2017 so I hope to see you all there.

Mods: 2.8 AAA vr6, air filter, 6 branch manifold, straight through stainless exhaust, port and polished head. Front suspension has Firestone bags over Gaz struts and airlift struts on the rear with 3p management and painted air tank with hidden hardware. BBS rc041 17×7.5 185/35 17 Vr6 brakes all round Fully polybushed Raid Dino steering wheel with snap off boss. Alpine door speakers, Led sidelights and upgraded dipped lights, 160mph clocks.

Few mods I’d like to do: silicone pipes, rebuild the engine, change wheels, considering smoothing the door strips and black trims, interior change, just a few other minor bits.