My name’s Sam, I’m 21 and I’m well and truly in love with my Golf. She started life as a totally original 1.8 8v GL, which I paid £250 as a stop gap car until I got my ABF’d MK2 driver back on the road. Well, this was in fantastic condition and flew through an MOT the day I picked her up.
It was obvious it was in much better condition than my Blue Golf and I was giving a donor 20vT car so I thought it’d be rude not to put the 20vt into the red Golf. I spent about a month doing the conversion and then 3 months waiting on my wiring loom to come back. I’ve had a few teething problems and have been seriously close to *thinking* about selling her but it’ll never happen. My other half has even come to love her as much as I do.
I’ve finally got her sitting how I want, driving nicely and she’s just got a fresh bill of health.
Current spec;
20vt, k03s with the usual mods.
020 gearbox rebuilt by Martin of Gas n’ Gears.
Mk3 GTi widetrack,
Koni adjustable suspension with -35mm eibach springs,
GTi interior,
Quad grill.
Future mods;
BBT K300 turbo with supporting mods,
02j gearbox with quaife LSD and longer final drive,
Black carpets,
TD Pro Race 1.2’s wrapped in AD08R’s for track use.
Here is the majority of the build log for her they used to be in order, God knows what’s happened and there’s loads on there that don’t mean much: