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Hi, my name is Scott, scott-o on the forum. I’m 24 and live pretty much on the North Yorkshire/ Country Durham border (ish). I’ve been into cars from an early age, especially mk2 golfs! I go to uni part time, in line with a full time job and ‘waste’ most of my money mucking about with cars!

The Car

My granddad always had mk2’s golfs for a number of years and my fondest memory is of his oak green 16v on ra’s with full leather, when I was 7-8. Ever since then all I’ve been after is a pristine big bumper mk2 golf gti.

With my job I’ve always had a fair amount of travelling to do and it just wasn’t feasible to get a mk2 golf. I had it in my head that as soon as I could afford/ justify two cars, that’s when I’d get a mk2. The thought was out of my head for a while despite me looking every other week at various classifieds, id nearly taken the plunge on a fairly cheap one a couple of times, with a view to ‘doing it up’.

One of these times I was searching I came across what looked to be a more or less immaculate Alpine White Mk2 Gti with just shy of 50k miles on the clock, completely bar the koni shock/eibach spring combo and having had all the discs and callipers replaced, amongst other things, with a comprehensive service history. I got rather excited and started to look into available funds, I kept checking back at the advert and it had sold within a couple of days before I’d even had chance to enquire. “Never mind”, I had thought, it wasn’t meant to be. The next time I logged onto the local v.a.g forum I got a bit of a shock, there it was in the members gallery as a newly purchased car by someone I knew!

Long story short, his circumstances changed (bought a low mileage mk2 scirocco and his missus put her foot down to keeping the two) so I asked him to give me a bit of time to sort the money out and id have it and there we are, it was meant to be after all!

The car was awesome when I went to see it with only a couple of improvement areas which I was fine with! The original bill of sale is present which showed the first owner px’d her scirocco scala in for this mk2, we always found it funny the bloke I got the car off basically did the opposite! I was nervous test driving it as I’d always loved them and was worried the experience would let me down, I didn’t need to worry it turned out, it was brilliant! I collected it a few days later and had the best drive home ever!

Future Plans

Not many plans with the car now, I’ve replaced parts that weren’t perfect, I got rid of that suspension set-up and bought some kw v1’s for it and also been through some bbs rs’s and now some rm’s. The ra’s remain tucked away. I’ve always been searching for a NOS front bumper as that’s one of the only parts remaining that isn’t perfect. I did buy one but it got damaged in transit and had a few marks on anyway so that was returned.

I don’t cover many miles in this car, its now on 52,350 odd miles and I got it on just under 51,000 21 months ago. I just intend to keep on top of it and enjoy it for what it is. I’d love a second mk2 one day to build into something I can use on track but my only other dream car is a Porsche 964 so we shall see how life pans out!

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