Hi! My name is Ed (SimplyEd on the forum) and I’m the very proud owner of this 1990 Mk2 Golf GTI 8v in Tornado Red.

Despite having no real brand loyalty when it comes to cars, owning various models over the years, I’ve always hankered after a Mk2 GTI ever since being taken for a ride in a family friend’s Jade Green 16v when I was a kid. This experience had me hooked, so when I finally had the opportunity to buy a Mk2 of my own in late 2012 I couldn’t wait to get behind the controls.

I bought this particular example on recommendation from a friend, also my very trustworthy local mechanic, who knew the chap that owned the car and could vouch for its superb condition mechanically and aesthetically, despite a few choice modifications that I was keen on reversing. A (very good) deal was done and I was finally behind the wheel of a Mk2 GTI, complete with full service history, original bill of sale, original number plates, unmarked interior… I drove home pretty gingerly I have to say, but boy did the experience live up to my expectations.

Since that day I’ve endeavoured to build on this cars strengths, replacing perishing consumables, reversing the ‘smoked’ light fetish the previous owner seemed to have, replacing the horrendous Powerflow exhaust with a bespoke custom made item inspired by the original twin pipe design, adding some sensitive period modifications and uprating and fully renewing the brakes to ‘G60’ spec (and then some). It’s the details that make these cars in my opinion, so along with regular servicing and making sure things are mechanically sound, I’ve cleaned and protected behind most of the trim and spent a small fortune on new clips and fastenings where required.

Typically I think I’ve undersold my efforts here. Feel free to check out the spec list in my project thread for more info. Plans for the future include suspension renewal and an engine bay strip down and detail, but these things can wait – I’m in no rush! The car is currently SORN while I wait for better weather, better roads and whilst I focus on renovating my house, but it remains tucked up warm ready to hit the roads in the Summer. I can’t wait.

Have a look at the full build thread HERE