Ultimate Dubs 2015


Well, how to start this one………

………UD is usually the first show of the year for many of us and starts the year with a bang, huge carparks full of dubs and three large halls inside full of what is considered by most to be the elite.

This year however was marred by poor event organising, the road works all around Telford where not published on any of UDs pages and so many of us, inc all mk2 owners club members where stuck in a 3 hour tail back covering only 2 miles, subsequently we were all a little late for the event (1.5 hours!) we were then turned away by security as they had let others in and the place was now full! After arguing and pleading some of us eventually got in but not as a club as we just had to grab any places possible.

So, now in what was it like?

A lot of the same old same old as last few years but I must say, a HUGE turn out, dubs of all types and conditions there was something for everyone there from the scene cars with excess camber and bags to the concourse standards that VW lovingly produced!

Displays that took my eye were the Rallye and VW drag racing stands, the room opposite the concourse room held the Rallye display, I’m not the biggest Rallye fan but they were all in fantastic order and fully cared for examples, standard and modified cars but all with the much loved G60 donkey. The drag cars by contrast are purpose built animals with turbo chargers you can fit your head in!! Awesome powerful examples that we don’t get to see a t every show.

All in all was it worth a three hour wait? Probably not but we had a good day nonetheless.

I must say sorry to those who didn’t get in or were treated like we were but there are many shows to come, get your name down on the forum site and hope to see y’all soon!