Hi, my name is Warren Matthews and I’m 17. I own a 1.3 1990 Mk2 Golf and love everything about it. I currently own 2 of them already and I’m only 17, I pay £3400 for my insurance which is loads but it’s worth it!!
Mods – GTi wheels BBS RA’s, suspension (unknown) but coilovers, it’s got a PB 1.8 8v GTi engine in with a fast road cam, and has a sports exhaust.
Future mods are: respray it in a cream colour, keep the classical Japanese style golf sticker on the side to make it stand out, and put chrome custom BBS RS rims on it, possibly air ride, clean the engine bay and make it all shiny and spotless for show and shine at shows. I’d like a full VR6 leather interior and a quick release Nardi steering wheel set up.