All Types VW Show – Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales

Well what can I say? (A lot according to Baz!!!) This is the third year I have been to this show and to be honest I wouldn’t miss it, it’s the best VW show if the calendar for me! This year didn’t disappoint with a massive selection of VAG and (with a little criticism from some) a smattering of Hondas and other marques.

I must admit that this year, the auto-jumble didn’t just favour the Air-cooled guys and there was many a bargain to be had for our very own members with a certain stall even giving parts away!! (We had invited this chap to the National meet!!!!!)

The show could be a little better organised earlier on as there aren’t enough staff to help, by help I mean tell us were the heck we’re supposed to set up, but again a little smile was raised when we all snuck up the line and got in before the big queue (well apart from Baz who had to queue to get into the main queue!)

Once set up and cars cleaned I stood back to see YET ANOTHER fantastic turnout of great mk2’s, we really are a great club when it comes to these events, obviously I had my usual OCD moments when organising where the cars go, I mean heaven forbid a white car would be parked next to another white car and especially if it wasn’t parked straight!!. On a serious note we had a bit of everything, standard GTi’s Modified GTi’s, Diesel, standard non GTi’s, Automatics, and I must admit one of my favourite conversions a G60’d 16v!!

I have decided this year that the shows I go to I will make more effort to stay with the great people who are in the club and I have found I enjoy the shows even more, after a look around at the jumble and cars it was great to spend time talking, swapping ideas, parts and having a famous Tony Turbo brew!

The show was as enjoyable as it always is, the location is beautiful and the banter even better! I will leave you all to look at the pics and just wonder ………….”Where’s Steve?” (Private joke but will post the video at some point!!!!)