Hi, my name is Nick (Nicka) from Norway.

Having owned many cars of various models during my driving life, but I would like to present to you my Golf G60 Edition one. This is now my second MK2 golf G60, and I am well pleased with it.

I always wanted to own a MK2 GTI since I was in school, so I made my dream a reality.

I imported this car to Norway as it is very difficult to find these cars here in Scandinavia, but with a bit of help from the forum’s I managed to track one down. I drove this car for 21 hours and seriously loved every minute of driving it. I was really tired after a long drive, but it was the lack of sleep which made me tired, and not the car. It really does have a great balance, from cornering, acceleration and surprisingly even comfort when you just want to cruise on a long journey. This is a car which you will never get tired of driving.

After owning a few cars now, I Never really had an urge to buy the same car again, but for some wired reason, this car is seriously like a drug. Once you have one, you will never want to part with it. And even if you do, you will eventually come back to owning one again.

For a 25 year old car, it starts, sounds, and goes like a bullet. Pulling through all gears without any lag which was one of the reasons I wanted a G60. The condition of the car was great with plenty of history, solid shell, full service,new tyres etc, but there are always things you could do to improve the car.

I firstly tidied up the interior as it looked a bit tired (new G60 floor mats, stereo, gear knob, gaiters etc etc etc, and got it professionally detailed.

I am planning on keeping the car standard, but would like to tidy up the engine bay in the near future (engine rebuild and engine bay respray). BBS wheels are also on the shopping list, but for now I am just going to enjoy driving it.

I am planning to bring this car to the UK in the summer for the VW events, so hope to meet you guys then.