Hi there guys, my names Danny Roddis of West Yorkshire.

I’m a chef at Itv Emmerdale & not only did I become a father to a beautiful daughter this year, I also became the owner of my cracking Mk2 Golf 1.8 GL.

I nearly dropped out of the classic/retro car scene for ever before this beaut came up, having been totally stung & duped into buying an absolute bodge job write off Mk1. I’ve cleansed myself of all that stress & disappointment with this, my first Mk2. I bought it from a really nice father & son, in the Nottinghamshire area. It was an eBay purchase, a smooth & honest one at that, the complete opposite to the Mk1 disaster I had previous, looking back. It was perfectly original, 2 owners & about 90k on the clock, just needed a lick of paint on the recently repaired sills. Since purchasing I’ve replaced the rad, fan, driver side electric mirror & stereo. I’ve altered the external experience slightly buying ‘GTI’ing’ the appearance slightly by adding some BBS alloys, switching to a 4 lamp grill & switching the rear windscreen glass in order to have a rear spoiler. I absolutely love this car & it sailed through its mot recently with no probs what so ever.

Not sure what the future holds by way of mods, as I’m happy with the look as is, a refurb of the wheels, some small attention needed to some paint & a full tune up  is on the radar for but other than that, I just intend to drive & enjoy it.