This is my 1990 Golf GTI!

I brought her from a friend who had run out of money after it had sat on his drive for two years. The paint was shot, engine dead and the interior was tired. I pulled the engine out and replaced it with a low millage bottom end, changed the suspension, bushes, manifold, exhaust, all the ignition, parts of the loom, lost count of the parts I’ve changed!

It’s taken me two years to get her to where she is now. I picked up the Schmidt TH Lines 8.5/9.5 16’s, put them on and then had her resprayed. Once the boot build was installed I changed the interior for black leather Rallye door cards and mk3 VR6 heated seats. Once the interior was install I got a g40 steering wheel for it. It’s been a real labour of love. This year I took it to Fitted UK, a 700 mile round trip and going strong.

For the future, I may 1.8t it or just keep her original, time will tell.

Thanks Tom (Tomshanks888)