I’m Matt (mbusby993) and Mk2 Golf’s have been my favourite cars since I could barely talk. I passed my driving test in January 15, a late bloomer at 21, and was driving around in a 1.4 Polo. I was expecting it to fail it’s MOT and the night before, May 14th, a 1.6 Mk2 popped up a few miles away for around £1200. I haggled him down to £950 and went and picked it up that night. When I picked it up it was ‘slammed’ on banded steels, so bad you couldn’t turn either way without rubbing. I’ve been working on it myself over the past few months, doing one job at a time. There’s a lot that needed doing as the car was sat outside a local garage for 18 months, and has only been back on the road since February. I’m immensely enjoying tackling things I’ve not done before and you can find me in the garage most nights tinkering BBSwith something or the other.

It’s had five different sets of wheels, better coilovers, I’m currently going through the process of refreshing the steering and brakes. The Vestatec spoiler always gets people talking, as you genuinely don’t see any of them around!

Future plans consider further ‘refreshing’ and I’m on the lookout for an ABF to give it a bit more grunt. Will be keeping this around for as long as possible!

Find my full build thread here.