I have owned a VW panel van since 1994 and have always wanted to own another classic, finally found myself in a position to do so, having paid off my mortgage etc . . I was originally looking for a Fastback but then thought I would, without doubt have to spend ££££££ on bodywork etc, so decided to look for something not quite as old!

I have always loved the Mk1’s and Mk2’s having driven Mk1 Golf’s and Caddy’s back in the day, and started to look at various internet sites, Classic Car etc, went to look at a few Mk2’s then came accross this beautiful silver GL. I went to view it in June 2017 and immediately fell in love with it.

The car was first purchased by Nigel Dixon from the VW main dealer – Drift Bridge Garage in Epsom and was bought as an ex demo model. Mr Dixon used the car for shopping trips and short trips to the park with his wife and family, over the next 20 years of ownership up to 2009 the car had only covered 22,000 miles!

In 2009 Mr Dixon decided to give up driving and passed the car onto his Grandson Mike, up to this point the car has a fully stamped up V.A.G. service book. Mike being a fully qualified Porshe technician then took over the maintenance of the vehicle and in 2012 had the car re sprayed in the original silver, upgraded the braking system to Gti disc brakes all round, a bigger servo, AP stainless steel exhaust system and a Weber manual carburettor.

Mike ran the car up to 2017 and due to family commitments he had to reluctantly sell the vehicle. The car having now covered only 47,000 in its 28 year history and in stunning condition with its beautiful original interior + few tasteful upgrades. Family owned from new and garaged for most of its life.

Since owning it I have fitted a billet aluminium golf ball gear knob, leather gear gaitor, Toad alarm system, Hella, smoked/red rear lights, Hella smoked side repeaters, smoked LED front indicators, Momo indy wood steering wheel with VW horn push and seat covers to protect the immaculate interior. Apart from that I will be keeping the car exactly as it is apart from maybe some nice alloys.

So now I own the best of both worlds, Aircooled and Watercooled.