Retro Rides Gathering 2014 at Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire

The words “best show of the year” had been spoken before this show this year and although it took Baz to persuade me to go I had to find out for myself!

I very nearly didn’t get there as my car was having a misbehaving day and I had “booking issues” with my hotel, I almost turned around and went home (in a big sulk!), my word, am I glad i didn’t! Firstly I must say the weather was outstanding the que to the entrance was filled with interesting cars and as we got ever closer the sound of highly tuned classics could be heard getting ready for the famous Shelsley Walsh
Hill Climb, ( the added bonus of this show).

I have been to 8 or so shows this year all of which were VAG only so to see other classics was a breath of fresh air, there’s something for everyone here and a great chance to reminisce past cars and cars we wished we could have had back in the day, I almost got the Integrale bug back! and Baz was suspiciously hanging around Volvos and Sunbeams!! Our stand was yet again full (13 cars) with a variety of great mk2’s (and Oz’s super clean corrado) we had enough space for all plus the event shelter for us to gather beneath for a brew and a chat. Yet again I met new people all who are really nice to get along with; something this club is fantastic for. Our view in front of us was of both classic Opels, inc Mantas and Classic Fords, Mk2’s and 1 Escorts, to the side was one of the most picturesque hills and scenery I have seen in England.

After a quick look around we ventured up the hill to watch. The sounds, the smell of fuels, and the look of the fantastic cars was enough for any “petrol head”! The stars of the climb for me were the Benetton HB4 (1990) F1 car, the Lancia Delta hillclimb car, and the Triple Rotary RX7 Turbo, all of which shook the hill with blistering speeds and melodic sounds! I took a walk around the “retro CarPark”, a car park specifically for pre ’91 cars the idea was excellent and the cars there where every bit as good as in the main show. The only problem of the event was the lack of food and refreshment stalls for the visiting hundreds, the three catering vans and an Ice Cream van all RAN OUT of food and drink! They also closed the toilets before the event had finished, these things didn’t spoil the event at all though and it will be one for my show calender for many years to come especially if it returns to Shelsley Walsh. If you havent been LOOK OUT for it next year and trust me you’ll love it everyone had a smile on their faces looking at the cars on display, each with thier own stories of when they had a…… and how much they lusted for a ……..! I will go as far as to say it was………. “The Best Show Of The Year”!!​