VWNW Tatton Park 2014

So here we go again VWNW Tatton Park 2014 one of my favourites on the calendar and usually attracting a very good turnout for the MK2 Golf OC.

Plans were put in place February this year with some emails being sent to VWNW about the possibility of having a 30 car club stand for the 30th Anniversary of the MK2. This was all agreed in principal although after posting on the forum to gauge interest I realised that with the National Meet being held the following weekend the idea of having a 30 car stand was a bit of a pipe dream.

Fast forward to April and a 10 x car club stand was secured with VWNW. The post was put up on the forum and within a couple of weeks the club stand was full with an ever growing reserve list. Further begging emails were exchanged with VWNW and I managed to secure a further 5 club stand passes.

A few last minute dropouts which can always be expected but these places were soon taken by other forum users.

Most of the stand passes were sent out with the late comers collecting there passes early on Sunday morning.

To ensure we had a full stand and after hassling VWNW with emails for more stand passes I hastily taxed my other MK2 on Saturday morning and handed the keys other to my big sister and mum to drive to Tatton.

With a couple of last minute spaces sorted, I was texting at midnight on the Sat and then 4.5 hrs sleep and up and getting myself ready slowly for the day.

On arrival at the show we had a bit of a problem, it would seem that although we had been allocated 15 stand passes they did not allocate us a 15 car stand. Some juggling with the parking and kindly being allowed to put the event shelter on ‘Potters VW Club Stand’ cheers guys and we just about managed to squeeze the cars on.

In total we had 13 cars on the stand – 12 x MK2 Golf’s and a visiting MK2 Audi TT so a big well done to those that turned up for the day.

Again Tatton Park did not disappoint loads to see and do and something for all – large auto-jumble, plenty of activities for the kids and plenty of stalls to keep the other half’s happy be they male or female.

The weather held out again for us thankfully and as always a vast and varied display of all things VAG.

To sum up another successful show at Tatton Park for the VW Golf Mk2 OC, the stand attracted plenty of interest from the visitors and will hopefully bring in some more new members.

Good to see some new faces who were attending their first show with the MK2 Golf OC and of course not forgetting the usual Northern possie we certainly manage to get a good turnout.

Next up the MK2 Owners Club National Meet…