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Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Great update and that is a good tip on the plastic screws for the arches. Where did you get them from? I am about to install plastic arches on the mk3 and will want to take them off the mk2 semi regularly to check or clean.

First time round I bought then from Halfords, they are smaller and go in the rivet sized holes without the need to open them out. Although they stick out more than theres. But when I bought them you used to get at least a dozen in the packet, now you only 4 so it's not a cost effective product as they are a few quid a pack.

But based that my previous purchase an my build thread at the time an old club member that lives locally, but no longer owns a mk2 (but we've stayed in touch) bought this bulk bag of about 100 fixings off eBay from China, when the arrived he found they were too large and didn't use them. Knowing I was doing this job again he said I was welcome to have them.

I think it's something like these: but there's lots of different options if you search "plastic trim screws".

These are the ones I used before from Halfords

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Excellent thank you - that is definitely the route I will go as I think it is worth taking them off and cleaning every so often.

Nice repair there too - mines just been done like that today too!

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Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Finally all back togther and down form the axel stands.
Just needs a little tune up to lower the CO2 then I can get it booked in for the next MOT.... or almost.

Rear offsidge handbrake is still binding. I freed up the caliper previously but sitting unused for a while hasn't done it any favours so it clearly needs another look.

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Have you given it a wash too?
Looks very shiny!
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Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Just good lighting! It hasn't been washed in ages and is covered in fallout from all the grinding/cutting/welding.  That black dot on the wing is a bit of leaf caught in a cobweb just below the side repeater.

The paint feels like sandpaper so will need a good wash/clay/cut/polish/wax. I only cleaned around the arches, sills and wing tips before the trims went back on so there was no dirt trapped behind. I did half heartidly clean the wheels before they were fitted so I think the shiny lips help with the illusion.

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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I would imagine the grinding has sent hot metal particles onto the paint work and damaged the surface that's why its rough to the touch.

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I would imagine the grinding has sent hot metal particles onto the paint work and damaged the surface that's why its rough to the touch.

Nothing a bit of t-cut won't sort out. The small bits I've done come have been very sucessful, there are no serious spark burns just metal 'dust' combined with the fact it hasn't been washed properly in almost 2 years.

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Re: The rear caliper and sticking handbrake.

The piston moves freely and the pads slide in the carrier, so the main caliper operation is fine.

The issue it the handbrake lever on the back of the caliper. Pulling the handbrake on the cable operates the handbrake as expected, but releasing the handbrake the lever on the caliper doesn't move freely to release the handbrake. A turn of the wheel will release the pads from the disc surface and allow the wheel to spin.
There is a spring on the lever to help with the return but it appears the spring is not strong enough. You can physically push the lever back to the 'home' position with your finger so it's not like it takes a big effort.

Anyway, I've found out the following information so I will be trying this:

- Whip out the 10mm bolt near the handbrake lever on the caliper, This is the bolt the spring wraps onto. Then you can prise the lever up, it'll only move a little way but it might be enough.

- You will find the spindle is all rusty and horrid, use a thin piece of sandpaper/dremel/wirewool or whatever it takes, try to work some oil into where the lever swivels i also spray some spray grease in there.

- Keep doing that until its free. Not sure what's involved in being able to remove the lever and spindle completely.

Now here's the intersting bit I found out, and the answer I was looking for, based on my comment above about the spring not being strong enough:

- late 80s ford granada spring are indentical but a touch stronger, around £2.50* from ford

* not sure how old the post was but found a pair on eBay for £6.50.

I know the long term recomended solution is to fit, mk3, Mk4 or polo calipers. But if I can simply get this handbrake to release nicley with a bit of labour and a few quid spent it'll do me for now.

Re: LUCY ‘91 Mk2 Golf GTI Alpine White

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Interesting. I do find my MK3 rear calipers a bit "sticky" but not as bad as the MK2s I had.
I would suggest using penetrating oil first since that will find its way down the handbrake actuator. Then when it is moving freely applying oil should help further followed by gease to stop the crud getting back in.
While you are at it you could do the Polo axle upgrade too!
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